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More History

Stones on West Wall of stairway


Luci Woodbury, age 3 years 9 mos, daughter of Benjamin & Lydia Woods   1731


Mr. Peter Coffin 

Sarah Coffin infant daughter of Pete and Mary Coffin


Stones on East Wall of stairway


Lydia Bray wife of Humphry Bray, 1779 


Reverend Mr. Samuel Tompson  1724


Mr. Samuel Herrick 1764

Mrs. Hannah Byles  1785


LARGE QUILT that hangs in the stairwell of the church


The Ohio Star Quilt was hand crafted and completed in 1999

by the following members of the Ladies Aid Society

            Betsy Bevilaqua

            Sally Lowe

          Madalene McComiskey

            Harriet Nutton

            Polly Rogers

            Barbara Spinney

            Marge Tebo

            Jeanette Thurston

            Lois Serrin

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